The Bold Type Review: If You Can’t Do It With Feeling (Season 1 Episode 4)

The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 4
Jane learns about “mansplaining” the hard way when she’s invited to speak on a panel of young, political voices, while Sutton is caught in a lie at Scarlet.

On The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 4, “If You Can’t Do It With Feeling,” Kat learns the hard way about discrimination by the police when she’s thrown in jail for a night. Meanwhile, Richard makes a bad (although supportive) move and almost costs Sutton her job in the fashion department.

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The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 3 Round Table: Instinct

The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 3
On The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 3, Kat was subjected to relentless torment on social media after a tweet went viral, while Sutton worked her ass off as she’s beginning to pursue her fashion dreams. Meanwhile, Jane’s lackluster interview turned into a story nobody will forget.

Join TV Fanatics Yana Grebenyuk and Allison Nichols, Samantha Coley from Tell-Tale TV, Canary Sisters Editor-in-Chief Jay Ruymann, and The Bold Type super fan Ariana as they discuss Kat’s nightmare, Jane’s innovation, and the three relationships.

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The Bold Type Review: The Woman Behind the Clothes (Season 1 Episode 3)

The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 3
When Jane is granted an interview with a rising congresswoman, she isn’t given the opportunity to tackle the story she’s aiming for. Thrown for a loop, Jane must be creative and resourceful when finding the story that is going to shock readers.

On The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 3, “The Woman Behind the Clothes,” Jane is given the chance to prove herself, while Kat finally figures out how harsh the internet can be when she’s attacked by trolls for a tweet about VR goggles being aimed toward men.

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What Makes ‘The Bold Type’ Special?

The Bold Type
Why should we care about these protagonists and The Bold Type, especially when they sound like others that have already been fleshed out in other shows?

The Bold Type follows three women (Jane, Kat, and Sutton) that work at Scarlet Magazine, which is based on Cosmopolitan, as they navigate the pressures of being a young adult, a young woman, and working at a high-end fashion magazine that is often deemed vastly un-feminist, which could not be any less true. It doesn’t sound any different from anything else on TV, right? Well, that’s an incorrect statement.

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The Bold Type Review: O Hell No! (Season 1 Episode 1 & 2)

The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 1
With the end of Pretty Little Liars comes Freeform’s next, hopeful, lady-loving hit, The Bold Type, which focuses on three women as they endure the rough magazine world, and rough world in general.

The Bold Type premiered Season 1 Episode 1, “Pilot,” and Season 1 Episode 2, “O Hell No,” together, so we got a double-dose of these women on their quest to greatness and satisfaction. For a network that is so often just focusing on relationships, this series has started off the complete opposite: it’s about these women finding themselves in their work, rather than in their men (or women). This is the feminist series everyone’s been waiting for. 

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The Bold Type Preview: Smash the Patriarchy

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The Bold Type, premiering July 11 on Freeform, is centered around three friends – Jane, Kat, and Sutton – who all work for Scarlet, a global women’s magazine. The show will explore their outrageous lives in New York City as they learn to find their own voices and explore their sexuality, identity, love, and fashion.

The Bold Type will be focused on Scarlet magazine and centered around these three ladies with much different positions. Jane is a newly promoted writer, Kat is the newly promoted social media director, while Sutton is still an assistant, which seeing as they all started out in the assistant trenches together, could cause some conflict.

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