Suits Review: Mugmare (Season 7 Episode 3)

Suits Season 7 Episode 3
Louis and Harvey struggle with firm dynamics; Mike gains new business; Rachel’s leadership is challenged by an associate.

On Suits Season 7 Episode 3, “Mudmare,” Louis struggles with his feeling of inferiority with the addition of Alex (Special Guest Star Dulé Hill) to the firm.

Louis’s Meltdown

Louis always been a sort of powder-keg of emotion just threatening to erupt at any opportunity. We have seen him lose it multiple times throughout the series, but nothing quite compares to the meltdown that happens at the end of the episode. It’s like watching a pot slowly come to a boil only to overflow and mess up the entire counter-top. Every interaction is viewed as a transgression in his eyes which is accompanied by him yelling or screaming at one person or another.

This emotional tight rope begins with a nightmare that Louis has at the beginning of the episode. We then move forward to Louis speaking to his shrink. In an attempt to follow the advice of his therapist, Louis attempts to befriend Alex and they seem to have a few weird habits in common like their love of math and obsession with cats. They agree to go out to lunch, but Harvey intervenes and makes Alex change his plans. Alex doesn’t tell him he is going to lunch with Harvey but he sees them leave together which was a mistake (but really how was Alex to know what a nut job Louis is?).

Normally, I find Louis’s neurosis entertaining, but there really was something quite sad about this man following down the rabbit hole. He went from charmingly off-beat to a man who clearly needs a better therapist and serious medical attention. I fear that the show will continue to treat this character as a bit of joke. I hope they treat it with some level of seriousness considering how many people in our society suffer from mental illness.

“The New Addition”

Most of us know Dulé Hill from his stint on Psych. Hill is a welcome addition to the Suits cast. His character Alex is an old friend of Harvey’s who he has asked to join the firm. Much like Harvey, Alex is a fast-talking charmer doesn’t take crap from anyone. He also has an eccentric side to his personality. The best way to describe him as a melding of Harvey and Louis. The actor has great chemistry with the cast and Alex is an interesting character who seems to be what the character dynamics. He serves as an adversary for Mike and Louis. Alex also comes across as a potential moral compass which the show desperately needs.

Turmoil In The Firm

Suits Season 7 Episode 3 saw Mike and Harvey go head-to-head with Mike. In his first Pro-Bono case causes conflict for one of Alex’s clients. This leaves Harvey in a quandary. He must pick which one of his friends to disappoint. The tension of seeing Harvey deals with the reality of being the managing party is interesting to watch. He is probably wishing Jessica would come back and take over, but its time for him to take control. Harvey as a leader highlights his biggest flaw: his ego. He always thinks he is right and refuses to bend. Will Harvey learn to compromise before one of the other Senior partners sneaks and orchestrates a take over or will he adjust?

Donna and Rachel also saw themselves butting heads after the former embarrasses the latter. Rachel is being challenged by an associate who seems to resent that she has to take orders from someone with less experience. I get this frustration, but this girl is being dumb. Also, it was unnecessary for Donna to run rough shod over her in public, undermining Rachel in the process. But, at the end, the two women came to terms after Harvey does something similar to Donna.

They dynamics in this episode really laid the groundwork for some of the themes that will hopefully be explored this season. I hope Donna continues to face challenges as Senior Partner. She needs to see being a partner is much different from being a legal secretary. It will be interesting how the different players challenge the traditional legal hierarchy.


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