Pretty Little Liars Review: Power Play (Season 7 Episode 14)

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 14
For a “season of answers,” we sure aren’t getting any. What was the point of bringing back not one, but two irrelevant characters? Sydney and Pastor Ted? Why not focus on the characters that we’ve actually followed for seasons that should be tying into the mystery, instead of making characters with two minutes of on-screen time the answers to the questions we’ve been asking since long before they were introduced?

On Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 14, “Power Play,” Aria is given an interesting offer by A.D. as she attempts to run from whatever Jessica’s file held about her (which, let’s point out, held information from before Jessica’s death in Season 4, so whatever Aria did was in the early days of the series). Elsewhere, we finally find out the identity of Charlotte’s father.


It’s about time Aria actually got a story where she’s being tortured and tormented by A.D. and has something to lose… you know, besides Ezra. Her only stories have only ever revolved around Ezra, and now Aria is becoming a character on her own. It only took seven seasons, but I guess better late than never.

The most intriguing thing is whatever A.D. has on Aria. They threatened her with Jessica’s file which contains something that would make Ezra choose Nicole and her friends ditch her. What could she be hiding? Whatever it is, it happened before the Season 4 finale. Jessica’s death was the end of her data collection, so Aria’s trying to hide something she did in the early seasons (or during her time in Iceland) that we don’t know about. Could she have helped Mona and/or Charlotte? It seems unlikely, seeing as she turned down the offer to join the “winning team” and help take down her friends.

Whatever it is, Aria is desperate to hide it. And A.D. thinks it’s leverage to make her join them and take down her best friends. Could she have hurt someone? Could she be responsible for anything that’s happened to the girls over the last few seasons? More importantly, why would A.D. even want Aria on their team? She’s useless, and she never has any part of the story; she doesn’t even know what her friends are going through until three episodes later because she’s so blinded by Ezra she can only see what he does. It’s amazing she’s not in love with Nicole too.

Mary Drake

Girl, what have you done? Peter Hastings has now accused Mary of killing Jessica, and Andrea Parker confirmed that story even though we won’t see the actual murder. What’s more interesting is the motivation behind it? Mary was the one in Spencer’s room that night in Season 4; she wanted to see her daughter, but what’s interesting is she was posing as Jessica that night. What was she up to in Rosewood?

The reveal of Charlotte’s father was disappointing, but not completely unexpected. At least Pastor Ted finally had a reason for taking up so much time in previous seasons.

Mary has a lot to explain to everyone, but especially Spencer. Why was she posing as Jessica that night, and when else has she done this? More than likely the night Alison disappeared too; Mary is likely the one who buried Alison alive after Charlotte beat her over the head with an oversized rock. It wouldn’t make sense for Jessica to cover up Charlotte’s crime, but it would if it was Mary who happened to be posing as her sister.

We’ve gotten two answers, but as expected, so many more questions. There’s so much about Mary we don’t know, and they’re running out of time to explain it. We need to start learning more about her life and her twisted relationship with her sister soon, or the writers won’t have time to delve into everything.

Alison and Emily

Raise your hand if you were surprised Alison was impregnated with Emily’s eggs… oh, no one? It’s such a predictable twist, and it’s such a cheap way to make Alison and Emily end up together. We all know their relationship is headed there, and after the brief reunion between Paige and Emily, it’s just a matter of time before Paige ditches Emily because she’s now tied up with Alison forever. Alison isn’t getting rid of the baby. It’s her one insurance policy to know Emily will stay with her forever and never leave her. It’s Alison’s ultimate game of emotional manipulation.

Who is the baby’s father? It’s no Elliot, that would be too easy. Maybe it’s Wren; he’s a doctor, with an actual degree, so he’d know exactly how to do the procedure which could explain his return. In the preview, he seems a lot darker too. Something has happened to him in the time we haven’t seen him, and it’s change him. He even has a new haircut.

Whoever the father is, we can’t ignore the fact the writers don’t know what they’re doing. They wrote themselves into situations with all of these couples that they can’t find their way out of, which is why they’re all going to end up by default. Yvonne died so Spencer and Toby could be together. He chose Yvonne and is settling for Spencer because of her death. How is that fair to the fans that have enjoyed them together since Season 1? And now Emily is going to be with Alison, regardless of what they’ve been through and how Alison has tormented her and used her over the past ten years of her life, just because of these eggs. 


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