‘The Bold Type’: Exclusive Interview with Dan Jeannotte

Dan Jeannotte
The Bold Type, summer’s new hit, follows three ladies as they navigate work, life, and love in New York City, while working at high-end fashion magazine, Scarlet. Among the love interests is Dan Jeannotte, who you may recognize as Mary’s brother on Reign.

Dan Jeannotte who plays Jane’s love interest on The Bold Type, Pinstripe Guy (or rather, Ryan), answered a few of our questions about the series and the future of #Janestripe.

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Exclusive Interview with Skyler Day from MTV’s ‘Sweet/Vicious’

Skyler Day
You may recognize Skyler Day from her many guest appearances in TV shows such as Pretty Little Liars, iZombie, Parenthood, or Army Wives. But, now you most likely know her as Mackenzie from hit show Sweet/Vicious on MTV.

Sweet/Vicious star Skyler Day spoke with us about her hopes for a Season 2 and what she would like from it. She also spoke with us about her music and upcoming EP! Read on!

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Exclusive with Hide In The Light’s Lindsay Lamb

Lindsay Lamb, star of “Hide In The Light,” which is about her character helping her friends to escape an abandoned orphanage while fighting supernatural forces, will be starring in several upcoming Lionsgate and Sony Entertainment films. Don’t miss this chance to get to know her.

That’s not Lamb’s only upcoming feature film, either; she’ll also be in Arlo: The Burping Pig in November, and Apple of My Eye in December. She’s clearly very busy, but she took the time to answer a few questions about all of her upcoming projects, her dream role, and what it was like to do her own stunts. Read on!

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Exclusive with The Flash’s Violett Beane

The Flash
You may know Violett Beane better as Jesse Quick, the newly powered-up superhero on The CW’s The Flash. She began the role in Season 2 as the daughter of Earth-2’s Harrison Wells and prisoner of Zoom, but now the series is headed full force into Season 3 and more of Team Flash are meta-humans.

The Flash‘s Violett Beane talked to us about Jesse and Barry’s relationship, whether we’ve seen the last of Jesse as she headed home to Earth-2 in The Flash Season 3 Episode 4, and the potential for a sisterly relationship between Caitlin and Jesse as the two grow into their powers. Read on!

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‘The Inspectors’: Exclusive With Bret Green

The Inspectors is a crime series about the United States Postal Inspection Service solving everyday crimes that many of us don’t even know occur. Preston Wainwright, an intern for his mother who works for the USPIS, is the son of a postal inspector and also lives with paralysis that happened after a car accident.

Bret Green portrays the only physically challenged lead character on network television in The Inspectors on CBS. Read on for our interview with him as he goes in-depth about the lengths he and the series have taken to accurately portray someone who is physically disabled, and he dishes on what past series he would’ve loved to have a role on. (Hint: it involves football.)

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