‘Supergirl’: Why Kara and James Are the Couple to Root For

Kara and James
Ah, Supergirl Season 1… it was much simpler. The attraction and feelings Kara had for James complicated by the arrival of Lucy Lane. What I wouldn’t give to go back to when Supergirl was on CBS.

If you’re like me, you didn’t appreciate the relationship that Kara and James shared during the series’ first season; we took it for granted, and thus when the show was transported to The CW, it crashed and burned. But let’s not forget (and not let the writers forget) that Kara and James had a budding relationship that was built on trust and healthy habits that are missing with her new beau.

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The Problem With Arrow Featuring a Black Lives Matter Episode

Black Lives Matter
Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim has expressed interest in spotlighting the Black Lives Matter movement/police brutality conflicts that have been of great focus in recent media and news outlets during Arrow Season 6. His hope is to portray the topic in the form of Season 5 episode “Spectre of the Gun” which tried to tackle the use of gun control.

The Season 5 episode was met with mixed reviews, and most importantly, it never truly resolved the real life issue presented. Trying to up the stakes by featuring a Black Lives Matter storyline will not do the movement any justice and it surely won’t advance any opinions about it.

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Unpopular ‘Arrow’ Opinion: Season 3 Episodes 10-13 Made Real Heroes

Arrow / Black Canary / Heroes
Before we start this off, let’s get one thing straight. Season 3 of Arrow was disastrously horrible altogether, but Episodes 10, 11, 12, and 13 were the best the series has to offer and showed what being heroes really means.

These episodes of Arrow are Oliver Queen-lite; he was off the grid, not reachable, and the heroes in Starling City had to continue fighting and doing their duty to protect the city.

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What Lies Ahead on The Flash Season 4?

The Flash Season 4
In just a few short weeks, The Flash will return to TV with its fourth season. The last we saw of Barry Allen and the rest of the team, Barry had just stepped into the Speed Force as punishment for altering the timeline and causing Flashpoint. With Barry out of action, how has the team gone on without him?

The Flash Season 4 offers some new and interesting changes to the show that will hopefully pay off as the board is reset. What are some of the things we can look forward to with the new season?

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5 Things We Want To See On Arrow Season 6

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Ah! Season 5 of Arrow, the season that followed the very dismal Season 4. The season that truly had to follow-up some of the worst writing I’ve personally seen on any superhero drama TV Series.

Luckily, however, Season 5 wasn’t completely terrible! There were twists, turns some engaging plot points and a fresh new feeling to the show that still felt like the original Season 1 and 2 days! But the question remains, where does the series go from here? Now that its propelled itself back into the hearts of (some) DCTV fans, what can it do to follow-up a pretty okay season? Here’s what we want to see on Arrow Season 6.

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What ‘The Bold Type’ Season Finale Meant to Me

The Bold Type Season Finale
Jane taking on the story of Mia, a sexual assault survivor, led to an interesting conversation within the show on how she would write this piece. It wasn’t until Jacqueline revealed herself to also be a survivor that everything about the episode clicked.

The Bold Type has handled several intense issues over the course of its first season, but The Bold Type season finale tackled the biggest of all: sexual assault. It wasn’t easy hearing Mia’s pain and her story, along with seeing her endurance art, but it brought a new light to a topic that is constantly mishandled in Hollywood. As a victim of sexual assault myself, this episode really hit home for me, and the significance of this storyline goes well beyond a TV show. 

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‘Arrow’: What Is Black Siren’s Story?

Arrow Season 6 / Black Siren
Since Black Siren’s introduction on The Flash as Zoom’s right hand, fans have been wondering what drove Earth-2’s Dinah Laurel Lance toward a life of crime and destruction.

As Arrow Season 6 grows closer, we’re all interested in seeing where Black Siren has been, and where she might go. Especially in regards to her redemption. But the thought of her back story is killing all of us since we know it has to be completely opposite of Earth-1 Laurel’s.

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Diversity on CW DCTV: Accomplishments and Issues

In a world where cultural diversity is still extremely low in 2017, the CW Network is doing its part in terms of cultural inclusion. Specifically in their DC Comics programming.

The prime example that comes to mind when thinking of DCTV’s diversity is the racial switch of Iris West, love interest of Barry Allen on The Flash. This was praised by critics and fans alike. Another involves Vixen, specifically Mari McCabe who is the first iteration of one of DC Comics first black super heroines, who has her own CW Seed animation series. As much as there is to be praised, there is also issues with the programming’s handle of POC characters, including whitewashing these characters.

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‘Arrow’ Season 6: Black Siren vs. Dinah Drake? How About No?

Black Siren vs. Dinah Drake
In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Wendy Mericle (Arrow’s co-showrunner) teases the future of the show, where Black Siren will be headed, and an upcoming feud between the Earth-2 version of our departed Black Canary and the “new” Black Canary: Dinah.

Arrow Season 6 will be picking up off of the explosion of Lian Yu, but five months into the future, which means the team will not be the same as we knew. More importantly, we’re wondering what this time jump means for Black Siren.

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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season 3: What’s Next for the White Canary?

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In an interview first posted by the DCTV Podcast channel on YouTube (video above), Caity Lotz (White Canary) discusses what’s next for her character, Sara Lance, as the Legends of Tomorrow return to the future to a timeline that’s all kinds of screwed up from their tampering in the Season 2 Finale.

When we last saw the Legends, they returned to 2016 which was now a land full of dinosaurs and legacy changes. Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 picks up off of this return and the group of misfits is now tasked with fixing what they’ve done, but there’s a new entity (quite like the Time Masters from Season 1) getting in the way.

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