Claws Review: Fallout (Season 1 Episode 4)

claws season 1 episode 4
Desna and crew bond through strife and happiness. Jen must deal with her husband breaking under the Uncle Daddy’s pressure. Oh, and Virginia is going to get everyone killed with her antics but what’s new?               

What’s new in Claws Season 1 Episode 4? Well this time, Desna’s also making decisions that can get everyone shot in the chest like the Titus employee. The fall-out from said Titus incident lead to Jen’s husband having a mental break and desperately searching for a scapegoat. Then there’s Polly, who slid right back into old habits and got slapped right back into the gutter. The motley crew has been trying to get their lives together and sadly failing.

Virginia’s Mess

Although Virginia was stupidly running around telling everyone every random detail she could think of, Desna hasn’t been doing much for their case either. Don’t get me wrong. She has been covering all of Virginia’s mud tracks. She’s also been doing her best to protect her autistic brother from the change that triggers episodes. However, she’s also been running around flashing her money.

I know the reason why she joined the money laundering business was to obtain her dreams as her own business owner, but now is not the time to get a nail salon she told uncle Daddy she didn’t have money for before Roller died. She needs to pause her ambitions for at least a year. Especially, before she lays down a $20,000 deposit on a new building.

This isn’t her only problem. She’s slowly been losing her mind, as well. I would say she needs to confess, but we all know that would have her floating in the same bayou as Roller’s gun. So, maybe she should see a psychiatrist or maybe she should confide in her best friend. It isn’t like Jen hasn’t shown her loyalty to Desna mutliple times. 

All episodes have shown then to be very close to one another. They ride and die together. So Desna should give her best friend a chance to know what exactly she’s riding or dieing for before the crap hits the fan. 

Jen and Bryce’s Mess

Jen’s husband, Bryce, noticed her flashing new money. He’s pretty slow, but I don’t believe he completely fell for her “reasons” of being so flush with cash. However, I do believe he knew the implication of fingering his wife’s best friend for a crime that would get her drawn and quartered. These emotions became even more drastic after he had to also cut the ex-Titus employee into quarters in the bayou.

Jen represents the strong will and mind in the household. With this mantle, she has been trying to keep her family together while keeping Uncle Daddy and Desna happy, but you can tell it’s taking a toll on her. Regardless of if she loses him to his addiction or to his loyalty for Uncle Daddy, she has two girls she must raise while trying to keep her husband’s psych together and food on the table.

Maybe, Jen can keep her family together and Desna can keep her family and her dreams intact, but it’s not looking good for Polly. Desna reassured her that she would be able to reach her dreams. But, first, she needs to fully understand her situation.

Polly’s Mess

Her breakdown wasn’t because she didn’t feel like she couldn’t keep her dreams. It was because it hasn’t learned to accept the repercussions of her actions. She still thinks it’s okay to go back to doing what got her in jail in the first place but hasn’t accepted gambles like those are what led her to crying the gutter to begin with.

Once she accepts that situation and tries to work hard to grow from it instead of taking short-cuts, she might be able to live in a cushy home like her con-artist friend, Sally, one day. However, this time, it will be a home she earned and the government won’t be able to take away.  

The Crew’s Next Moves

A lot of the cast needs to come to terms with their situation: Desna with putting her nail dream on hold, Polly understanding that hard work pays off, and Bryce realizing that he can’t be there for Uncle Daddy and for himself and his kids.

Here’s to hoping that next episode the motley crew finally gets a win that will help their futures and not hurt them. The investigation is drawing down to the wire. Not because Uncle Daddy has more information but because they’re getting desperate and are willing to point the gun anywhere.

Claws has gotten their foot-hold in the dramedy genre. Now that we don’t have situations like bad transitions from one genre to the other, we can really get into this story. And it’s a riveting story we can really sink our nails into.

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