What’s In Store For Black Siren in ‘Arrow’ Season 6?

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With the death of Earth-1 Laurel Lance came Earth-2’s doppelgänger, Black Siren, who shares the face of our late Black Canary without the back story and hero standing.

Throughout Arrow Season 5, we saw Black Siren challenge Team Arrow multiple times, even going so far as to pose as Earth-1 Laurel at Prometheus’ orders to try to trick the group and set them up for a trap. Unfortunately, Black Siren was thwarted, but in the last two episodes of the season, we saw her team with Prometheus again against Team Arrow.

What’s Next?

Even though Prometheus was stopped, Black Siren is still out there, still evil, and she’s going to be kicking some major ass in Arrow Season 6. As seen in the trailer above, Dinah attempts to take on Laurel (after what seems to be a car jacking of sorts), and has her ass handed to her and ends up on the pavement as Black Siren continues her getaway.

Black Siren still is very evil, and whether she’ll stay that way is unknown. However, at SDCC this past week, Katie Cassidy teased in an interview that we may see a chance at redemption for Black Siren, but when that comes is unknown. Cassidy remarks that she’s happy to play evil for as long as they want to drag out the redemption story.


It’s been teased that many of Cassidy’s scenes in Season 6 will take play with Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne), which can only mean one thing: he will be instrumental in Siren’s redemption. Lance isn’t going to stick with someone who is outright evil, whether they share his daughter’s face or not, so Black Siren must have some heroic stories in the earlier half of Season 6.

Even if not, the dynamic here will be extremely interesting to watch. How does one deal with this person having the same face as their late daughter, but it isn’t their daughter? Sure, there’s a Quentin Lance on Earth-2, but he’s likely dead (which is why Siren remarked at how difficult it must be to see her in Season 5 Episode 22 because she understands). Is this a chance for both of them to get what they want in some way?

Could Black Siren become like a third daughter to Lance, yet not quite replacing Laurel, and Quentin become a makeshift father figure for her as well?


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Would you like to see a father/daughter relationship between Black Siren and Quentin? Or would that be too weird? Do you want Black Siren to be redeemed or stay evil? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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